Losing My Religion - Various - Whats Up? The Greatest Rock Hits Of The 90s (Cassette)


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  1. Sep 07,  · With the grunge revolution lurking just over the horizon, R.E.M., pioneers of alt-rock, burst into the mainstream with this song. Sparking dozens of conversations about its meaning, "Losing My Religion" is, in its most basic sense, a gorgeous folk-influenced pop tune about the feeling of .
  2. We all have that friend: You're in a bar, a song starts playing, and they inevitably start belting out lyrics. You're not sure what lyrics they're singing, but they're definitely not right.
  3. Listen to Old Hits - 60, 70, 80, 90 a Classic Rock, Pop/Rock Hits radio. The best Classic Rock, Pop/Rock Hits songs: 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Classic rock, oldies.
  4. Jul 20,  · You're fondly remembering '90s brands. Even looking at a choker makes you, well, choke up. If you're of a certain age (that is, my age), there is also a bracket of pop songs that defined the.
  5. And it’s not that there’s not Christian Rock out there at present, and in fact my sense is that although I don’t think the songs are Top 40 mainstays now it’s a bigger industry than ever. But for a very brief period, almost every Top 40 chart over the course of several years had a song about Jesus moving up or down it at any given time.
  6. The KROQ Top Songs of the 90s () Ranking. Artist Name. Song Title. Album Title. Year. Click for sample. 1. Nirvana. Smells Like Teen Spirit.
  7. Jul 15,  · Rave-rock combined elements of industrial dance music, rock, and ecstasy most importantly ecstasy. It never caught on in the U.S., or pretty much anywhere else, and by rave-rock .
  8. Mike Pritzl played my favorite Violet Burning song, “Moon Radio,” by request. And I didn’t have to shout, he just asked what we wanted to hear. He let a kid in the audience come up and play guitar for “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as Sam West played drums and Pritzl sang. The early 00s, man, a different time.

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