Noise Reduce - Various - H7 Electro Network Compilation (Cassette)


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  3. 3M introduces Scotch / "Dynarange," a black oxide low-noise mastering tape with a 4 dB improvement in s/n ratio over Scotch Philips introduces the Compact Cassette tape format, and offers licenses worldwide. Gerhard Sessler and James West, working at Bell Labs, patent the electret microphone.
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  7. A basic, simple, stripped CD transport? In this day and age? Isn’t Audiolab reading the script? Paul Rigby reviews, salutes and offers live sacrifices to this incredible machine I never thought I’d see the day. The Audiolab CDT is a CD transport. I say again, it’s a CD transport. And nothing else. Nothing. There’s no Bluetooth. There’s no headphone socket. No .
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