Im The One (Im The Pop Radio Mix)


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  1. I told myself 'I'm not gonna ask Justin Bieber to do a record with me until I feel like I'm at a certain point in my career.' I won't play myself, because you know the answer I think is probably going to be 'No,' but not in a disrespectful way - because he really don't do features. So I waited to get where I'm at now.
  2. Aug 05,  · The Mother Monster is now a talk-show host. Announced Wednesday, "Gaga Radio" is a new weekly series debuting Friday (2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. .
  3. Aug 05,  · Lady Gaga has been given her very own radio show by Apple Music.. Read more: Lady Gaga – ‘Chromatica’ review: pure pop celebration from an icon in a world of her own The singer’s first.
  4. One In Radio Mix, the radio that chooses songs from 60’s to 90’s in order to create a playlist of which their listeners will be very attracted of. The radio has the passion for good music and they also gives non stop entertainment along with making their listeners a little bit nostalgic with those good old songs.
  5. Lyrics. Rick Ross (Get 'em up) I'm on one (Get 'em up) Fuck it I'm on one (Get 'em up) I said I'm on one, DJ Khaled uh I'm getting so throwed I ain't work this hard since I was eighteen Apologize if I say, anything I don't mean Like whats up with your best friend? We could all have some fun, believe me And whats up with these new niggas? And why they think it all comes so easy But get it while.
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